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Tapered Open Head Pails

4-5, 10-11, 15-20-21 Litre


UN Certified

UN1A2/Y - UN1A2/Z

Just Cans New Zealand have selected factories in Guangdong, China that manufacture up to 100 million tin plate container products per year ranging from spray cans to tapered pails. With over 100 tapered pail manufacturers in China, the range in quality of manufacturing varies immensely. Just Cans selects factories that manufacture excellent products using British and EU machinery including high quality printing presses with drying ovens.

All pails are UN approved and UN certified. All pails are Epon lined if required and ICI Epon type product is used.

Just Cans also offers Tapered Open Head pails 4 to 5 Litre Manufactured in .28 & .35 tinplate with UN1A2/Y1.4/40 certification. 10, 11 and 12 Litre are manufactured in .38 with UN1A2/Y1.2/40 certification. 15, 18, 20 and 21 Litre are manufactured in .45 mm tin plate. They have reseal lids with locking lever lock ring for pail closures and EPDM Gaskets or Natural Rubber Gaskets. They are White Standard Colour and additional printing is available in one to six colours.

Tapered Open Head Pails with Locking Rings
Paint Chemical Pails Reseal  Lids with Locking Rings

 Reseal Lids with Locking Lever Lock Rings for container closures
 Metal Steel  Pails Reseal  Lids With Lever Lock Rings

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